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6 Reasons to choose Plaxis


The result of calculations and simulations is reliable and reproducible. PLAXIS is the industry standard for geotechnical design, that is why many challenging projects have been realised with PLAXIS.

Advanced Soil Models

Many advanced soil models are pre-installed in order to represent e.g. non-linear, stress and time-dependent behaviour of soil and rock masses. You can also add your own (user defined) soil models.

User Friendly:

The self-explanatory, easy to use software interface allows a smooth workflow and eases the use for both beginners as well as experts in the field of geotechnical finite element modelling.

Customer Support and Services:

Our Customer Support and Services teams consisting of geotechnical experts, embodies our commitment to you. They take responsibility, care about your problem and will always come with a solution.

Cost effective:

The software pays for itself before the end of your first project. Every subsequent project delivers additional ROI.


The ratio of the useful work performed to the total time expended is maximal.