24 – 27 June, NAT 2018

24 – 27 June, NAT 2018

The North American Tunneling Conference is the premier biannual tunneling event for North America. This four-day conference provides access to a technical program focused on the current tunneling projects, challenges and successes throughout North America.

Plaxis is having a booth (419) at this conference and we look forward to meeting you there.

10 – 13 June Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics V

The Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics Technical Committee of the Geo-Institute (G-I) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is organizing the 5th conference on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics, which will be held June 10–13, 2018 in Austin, TX.

GEESD V 2018 builds upon the success of past events in Sacramento CA (2008), Seattle WA (1998), Park City UT (1988), and Pasadena CA (1978). The conference will bring together practicing geoprofessionals, researchers, and students from around the world to share the latest advances, engineering applications, and pedagogical approaches in this discipline.

Bentley Systems Acquires Plaxis, and Complementary SoilVision, to Integrate Geotechnical Engineering within Digital Workflows for Infrastructure Projects
Update to PLAXIS 3D 2017.01 available

Plaxis is pleased to announce the release of the PLAXIS 3D 2017.01 update pack. This update pack contains various fixes with respect to visualization, the centerline tool and more.

The server side issue with PLAXIS Connect Application tab has in the mean also been resolved, so users can use PLAXIS Connect again to update to the new 3D release, or other software releases.  Downloading can also be done through the software updates page.



30 April – 4 May, USSD 2018

For the first time, USSD will hold its annual meeting in the state of Florida. The Theme of the 38th Annual Conference, A Balancing Act: Dams, Levees and Ecosystems, reflects the importance of environmentally sustainable water projects within diverse and sometimes fragile ecosystems.

The Host for the 2018 Conference and Exhibition is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District.

The 2018 USSD Conference Theme is A Balancing Act: Dams, Levees and Ecosystems. Dams and levees continue to provide significant benefits to society. These benefits include flood control, water supply, irrigation, renewable energy, navigation, recreation, and habitat and environmental enhancement. Many of our existing dams and levees are poised to provide additional benefits and solutions to some of our nation’s future infrastructure, environmental, social, and economic challenges. The theme represents some of the unique challenges that coastal environments and delicate ecosystems face, which requires balancing the purposes of dams and levees with environmental, social and economic interests.

Looking forward to meeting you at our booth 309

3 – 6 April, IPF 2018

The International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum is the leading technical conference for offshore wind in the United States and is dedicated to moving the industry forward. The IPF is your chance to:

The event will be held at the Westin Princeton Hotel in Princeton, NJ. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you are interested in discussing the possibilities of PLAXIS for the offshore wind industry, or even having a sneak peek at the upcoming PLAXIS MoDeTo, you may request an appointment in advance with our representative through the Windmatch sessions or contact him directly at m.lahoz@plaxis.com

Discover what’s new in PLAXIS 2D 2018

Due to a server side error, users are not be able to use the Applications tab in PLAXIS Connect to install the PLAXIS 2D and 3D applications.

The given error message is:

Installation error:  The attempt to connect to the server has failed. Please check your Internet Connection and try again. If you are connected and this problem still occurs, please contact Plaxis support.

Note that this error only affects the Applications tab of PLAXIS Connect. The Codemeter tab, used for installing the Codemeter drivers and for retrieving licence updates is unaffected by this error.

If you need to install a version of PLAXIS 2D or 3D, please visit the Software updates page from our website to download the installer: https://www.plaxis.com/support/software-updates  (requires free account / login)

Around the weekend PLAXIS 2D 2018 will be released, installation of this new version should also be done by downloading the installer from the Software updates page.

In the mean time we are trying to resolve this error.

Check out the innovative capabilities for the upcoming PLAXIS 2D 2018

The release of PLAXIS 2D 2018 is drawing near, bringing users new material models, for example native versions of the UBC-Sand and Shotcrete model. It will introduce the UDCAM-S model together with a cyclic accumulation tool, in order to estimate degraded soil properties based on cyclic loading for offshore applications. The Dynamics module is extended with tools to perform state-of-the-art analysis in geotechnical earthquake engineering, namely a new UDSM for liquefaction PM4Sand, a new "dynamic with consolidation" calculation type, and an updated mesh option.

In addition to providing users with innovative geotechnical capabilities, PLAXIS 2D 2018 will also offer numerous features improving the usability. Keep an eye out on the PLAXIS website for the full release announcement.