Plaxis New Year’s Deal starts today!

Plaxis New Year’s Deal starts today!

It's that time of the year again, time for the Plaxis New Year's Deal. This year’s New Year’s Deal highlights some of the bridges we have built connecting different industries, through the scripting interface. For the new year, we have some interesting developments lined up, improving the existing interoperability and offering new possibilities.

During the New Years Deal period profit from discounts up to 13% on commercial licenses. Click here for more information

Plaxis Bulletin Issue 41 2017

We are pleased to release the Autumn 2017 edition of the PLAXIS Bulletin, including two new user articles on PLAXIS 3D and the PLAXIS 2D Thermal with the Frozen/Unfrozen Barcelona Basic Model. We also highlight some upcoming developments and review our recent activities like our PM4Sand roadshow, new additions to the PLAXIS 2D and 3D software, as well as some new Python based tools.

In the New Development column we review the history of our Dynamic module which started in 1998 in PLAXIS 2D and was later extended with PLAXIS 3D Dynamics in 2011. The segment continues to discuss upcoming new calculation possibilities and a new material model, PM4Sand, which should all become available in 2D 2018. Through these developments we ensure that users can rely on PLAXIS to offer state of the art facilities for liquefaction and general dynamics analysis.

In the PLAXIS Expert Services update we discuss constitutive modelling services provided to Tractebel Engineering in order to model compressible elements for tunnel linings in PLAXIS 3D. The work was delivered as a User Defined Soil Model and offered the client a quick, convenient and time-saving solution for their projects.

In the first user contributed article the authors discuss the three-dimensional modelling done as part of the development of three new buildings with basement levels, situated in a triangular site. The site will feature as a large transport hub connecting the eastern parts of Gothenburg. The three-dimensional analysis was necessary due to project requirement calling for a detailed ground movement analysis to confirm the impact of pile driving near the adjacent existing infrastructure.

In the second article the authors investigate the behavior of the Caen’s silt in frost heave through physical experiments. This Caen silt is highly frost susceptible. The authors then performed a back analysis with PLAXIS 2D and the Thermal module, as well as the new Frozen/Unfrozen Barcelona Basic model, in order to prove the merit of using PLAXIS 2D to estimate potential damages due to frost heave.

The Plaxis Americas segment discusses the past activities held in the western hemisphere, like courses, but more importantly, the West Coast seminars on dynamic analysis and PM4Sand. Existing users, but also people unfamiliar with PLAXIS, were invited through several seminars to find out about our user friendly and robust solutions to perform dynamic analysis and were introduced to the more increasingly used PM4Sand model soon to be available in PLAXIS 2D.

In Recent activities, we discuss the new PLAXIS Coupling Tool bringing the structural and geotechnical engineering communities together, the PLAXIS 2D to 3D converter, and the new geotechnical capabilities introduced in the PLAXIS 2D and 3D 2017 releases.

We hope you will enjoy another solid edition of PLAXIS related content and we look forward to receive your feedback on this 41st edition of the PLAXIS Bulletin!

Read the full Plaxis Bulletin Issue 41 here

The Plaxis Bulletin is the combined magazine of Plaxis bv and the Plaxis users association (NL). The Bulletin focuses on the use of the finite element method in geotechnical engineering practise and includes articles on the practical application of the PLAXIS programs, case studies and backgrounds on the models implemented in PLAXIS. For all Plaxis Bulletins please visit our archive

22 Nov., Georail 2017

RAILENIUM organizes on November 22nd, at IFSTTAR, one day dedicated to the state of the art, in France and in the world, the solutions, the methods, the initiatives, the tools and implementation or means to adapt the railway system to the extreme conditions, to make it resistant and resilient.

How get ready for the weather conditions in the future, what are the good decisions to take, worth knowing those who produce all the expected advantages and avoid locking a project into a unsuitable solution for the evolution of circumstances, and wasting already too rare financial resources and passing next to beautiful development opportunities.

This day will go through the following topics:

–Stakes and overview

–Feedbacks of foreign countries

12 – 15 November, PANAM-UNSAT

PanAm-UNSAT 2017 will feature the latest research advances and engineering-practice innovations with a focus on characterization, modeling, design, construction, and field performance. Researchers, practitioners, students, and policy makers from around the world, particularly the Americas, will share the latest technical advances, engineering applications, and pedagogical approaches in the discipline of unsaturated soil mechanics.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Release of PLAXIS 2D 2017.01 update pack

Today the PLAXIS 2D 2017.01 update pack has been released.  This update pack contains a lot of fixes, most notable related to the tunnel designer, i.e. improved CAD import of cross-sections, Connections between tunnels segments, and trim and extending lines to tunnels.  Furthermore the ignore suction option for fully-coupled flow deformation analyses has been disabled, described here:

The following known issues have been addressed in this update pack:

Download PLAXIS 2D 2017.01 now 

7 november, Geotechniekdag 2017: Doorgrond je omgeving

Het thema van de Geotechniekdag 2017 is Doorgrond je Omgeving. De omgeving speelt een steeds belangrijkere rol in de geotechniek. De beïnvloeding door trillingen, vervormingen en grondwater staat of valt met het draagvlak vanuit de gemeenschap voor de civieltechnische projecten van tegenwoordig. De kennis van de omgeving en ondergrond is daarbij essentieel, en voor het in kaart brengen hiervan worden steeds geavanceerdere tools ontwikkeld.

Voor wie?
De dag is bedoeld voor deskundigen en belangstellenden op het gebied van de geotechniek in dienst van overheid, ontwerp- en ingenieursbureaus, gespecialiseerde adviesbureaus, opdrachtgevers, aannemers, waterschappen, wetenschappelijk onderwijs in Nederland en België.

Wij heten u hartelijk welkom op onze stand, nr. 10

Sponsoring Expeditie micro:bit

To help children getting their first programming skills, Plaxis is supporting the project 'Expeditie micro:bit' from the foundation

'Expeditie micro:bit' helps children in group 6, 7 and 8 of primary school getting their first programming skills by providing 'Klooi-koffers'. The 'Klooi-koffers' contain the micro:bit; a small micro controller board developed by the BBC in England. By coding in the online editor (Scratch) and downloading it on the bit, children are able to create almost anything they can imagine.

Plaxis is supporting this project by providing the 'Klooi-koffers' and visiting the schools running this project.

First prize for Plaxis software engineer

Erik Valkering, software engineer and product owner at Plaxis, was awarded the jury's first prize at the leading annual C++ conference, CppCon, for his poster smartref - Start using smart references in your code today. His open source smartref library provides a pure-library solution using C++11/14/17 to a fundamental missing building block of the language. The award was given for the high quality and innovation of the presented approach.

25 – 26 October, GEC Geotechnik 2017

Am 25. + 26. Oktober 2017 findet die GEC Geotechnik - expo & congress zum fünften Mal bei der Messe Offenburg statt. Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung findet zudem der Deutsche Geologentag des Berufsverbandes Deutscher Geowissenschaftler auf dem Offenburger Messegelände statt. Insbesondere mit der Kombination aus Kongress und Fachmesse präsentiert die zentrale Branchen-Plattform die unterschiedlichen Facetten des Geotechnik-Marktes.