Installation error when using PLAXIS Connect’s Applications tab

22 March 2018

Due to a server side error, users are not be able to use the Applications tab in PLAXIS Connect to install the PLAXIS 2D and 3D applications.

The given error message is:

Installation error:  The attempt to connect to the server has failed. Please check your Internet Connection and try again. If you are connected and this problem still occurs, please contact Plaxis support.

Note that this error only affects the Applications tab of PLAXIS Connect. The Codemeter tab, used for installing the Codemeter drivers and for retrieving licence updates is unaffected by this error.

If you need to install a version of PLAXIS 2D or 3D, please visit the Software updates page from our website to download the installer:  (requires free account / login)

Around the weekend PLAXIS 2D 2018 will be released, installation of this new version should also be done by downloading the installer from the Software updates page.

In the mean time we are trying to resolve this error.