PLAXIS VIP is an additional subscription system on top of the traditional licenses. With PLAXIS VIP you benefit from the latest releases of your PLAXIS software, special extensions and support from Plaxis technical experts. Upon purchasing a PLAXIS license, 1 year of PLAXIS VIP is required.

 Extended Features

The special extensions are modular enhancements to PLAXIS software products and are exclusively available to PLAXIS VIP members. They provide new or extra functionalities, are fully compatible with the base product and are easy to learn. For members of PLAXIS VIP there are several extra features available in PLAXIS 2D and PLAXIS 3D.


PLAXIS VIP protects your investment in geotechnical tools because it will keep your PLAXIS software up to date. Each time a new version of your PLAXIS software is released, you can contact us for a license upgrade. It can’t get any easier than that. Update packs will become available as downloads on our website, and you are automatically entitled to the latest licence key upgrades.

For PLAXIS 2D 2017 and PLAXIS 3D 2017 the special extensions are:

  • SoilTest
  • Sekiguchi-Ohta model (Viscid & Inviscid)
  • Hoek-Brown Model
  • NGI-ADP model
  • User Defined Soil Models
  • CAD/Geometry import
  • CAD/Geometry Export (PLAXIS 3D)
  • Multi-Core Calculation
  • Free Field & Compliant Base Boundaries
  • Generate Stratigraphy from imported CPT Logs
  • Remote Scripting API for Input and Output
  • Expert Menu with Command Runner
  • Automatic centerline extraction
  • 3D Tunnel Designer (PLAXIS 3D)
  • Define excavation sequence in the Tunnel Designer (PLAXIS 3D)
  • Automatic Generation of staged construction phases for tunnels (PLAXIS 3D)
  • Define rock bolts in the Tunnel Designer
  • Cuboid and (truncated) cone commands (PLAXIS 3D)
  • Multiply command
  • Field stress calculation type
  • Polar and Rectangular Array
  • Revolve around axis tool (PLAXIS 3D)
  • Sensitivity analysis & Parameter variation (PLAXIS 2D)
  • Tied Degrees of Freedom (2D Dynamics)
  • Unlimited number of curve points in Output (PLAXIS 3D)

Special Services

Furthermore you will get exclusive and priority support and you can profit from additional discounts on our services like courses and workshops. Specific discounted PLAXIS VIP rates for courses will be announced on the course brochures. Check our agenda on our website on regular base for updates on Plaxis events.

Find your PLAXIS VIP Code

You can find the VIP Code on the codemeter key, or within the program go to help–>about to find your licence information.