Online Training: PLAXIS 2D for stability assessment of a slope strengthening close to existing railway tracks

TypeOnline training
Date 13/09/2017
Location Online
Lectures Sean Johnson
Organizer Plaxis Americas LLC

Price $250

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This Online Training will demonstrate the practical use of PLAXIS 2D for the stability assessment of a slope strengthening close to existing railway tracks. The training will particularly be focusing on:

  • Safety analysis in PLAXIS
  • Geometry creation by means of CAD import
  • The modelling strategy for soil reinforcement by means of the embedded beam row and soil-structure interaction consideration in 2D

The training will first consist of a 30 minutes presentation focusing on the factor of safety evaluation by means of the phi-c reduction currently implemented in PLAXIS. The presentation will then be followed by a 1h15 in-depth live demonstration for building up PLAXIS 2D model from scratch including in-depth model results post-processing and interpretation. Finally, a 15 minute question-answer session will be held.


Upon receipt of payment, the training materials (pdf files of the powerpoint presentation, all elaborated PLAXIS model files using the latest commercial release) will be distributed along with a link to the recorded video and a summary of the Questions/Answers session.

Please use the participant email address for further correspondence.

Time and Date

The Online Training will be given on the 13th of September at 1:00 PM EDT time (UTC-4) | 10:00 AM (UTC-7) PDT time.


The cost of the Online Training is US$ 250,-.