PLAXIS Recorded Online Training: Deep Excavation in Clay

TypeOnline training
Date 27/04/2017
Location Online
Lectures Richard Witasse
Organizer Plaxis bv

Price €250

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This is the recorded version of the fully booked 'PLAXIS Online Training: Deep Excavation in Clay' (27th of march 2017). Because of the high demand we still want to give you the possibility to access all materials of the online training (presentation, PLAXIS models, link to the full recorded session, copy of the Q/A session)

Deep Excavation in Clay: Short term vs Long term Behaviour using Advanced Soil Models

This online training demonstrates the practical use of Plaxis 2D for deep excavation in clay. It particularly focuses on some of the most relevant modelling issues for such type of analyses:

  • Undrained modelling in PLAXIS
  • Soil test facility for the evaluation of undrained shear stress
  • Dewatering
  • Hardening Soil model vs Mohr-Coulomb model
  • Influence of small strain stiffness
  • Normally consolidated versus over-consolidated clay

The training first consists of a presentation focusing on the main PLAXIS features about to be used followed by a 1h30 in-depth demonstration for building up PLAXIS 2D models including in-depth model results post-processing and interpretation. A 15-minute question-answer session is finally held.


Upon receipt of payment, the training materials (pdf files of the powerpoint presentation, all elaborated PLAXIS model files) will be distributed along with a link to the recorded video and a summary of the Questions/Answers session

Please use the participant email address for correspondence