Access to Staged Construction settings using Python

23 August 2017

The staged construction settings and values for any Intrinsic properties of all UserFeatures (e.g. a load value for a line load, or a material assignment for a soil) are stored as a listable object per phase.

Material assignment

For instance, if you want to get the material assignment of a Soil_1_1 element in Phase_3, you can get the material object, and show the material name using these Python lines:

material = g_i.Soil_1_1.Material[g_i.Phase_3]

Or, if you want to just show all material assignments for all soil objects:

for phase in g_i.Phases[:]:
    for soil in g_i.Soils[:]:
        print("{} in {}: {}".format(

Active state

You can use the Active property of a soil get to know if it is active or not in a phase:

active_state = g_i.Soil_1_1.Active[g_i.Phase_3] # True of False

To get a complete overview:

phase = g_i.Phase_3
for soil in g_i.Soils[:]:
    print("{} in {}: {} and Active={}".format(

Setting a value

To set a value for a staged construction setting, we can use this too. To set the vertical component of a point load Fy in Phase_3, you can use this:

g_i.PointLoad_1_1.Fy[g_i.Phase_3] = -10

General mapping Staged Construction parameters

For most Intrinsic Properties you can just follow the Selection Explorer:

General mapping Staged Construction parameters
Then you can use this:

g_i.Soil_1_1.Active[g_i.Phase_3] # gives boolean of active state of soil object for Phase_3
g_i.Soil_1_1.Material[g_i.Phase_3] # gives assigned material object for Phase_3
g_i.Soil_1_1.ApplyStrengthReduction[g_i.Phase_3] # gives boolean for Phase_3
g_i.Soil_1_1.WaterConditions # this is a UserFeature of the Soil object for water conditions 
g_i.Soil_1_1.WaterConditions.Active[g_i.Phase_3] # gives boolean if water is active for Phase_3
g_i.Soil_1_1.WaterConditions.Conditions[g_i.Phase_3] # gives number of water conditions option for Phase_3. E.g. value is 0, means global water level


The above examples are made with PLAXIS 2D 2017.00 and PLAXIS 3D 2016.02 using Python 3.4.x.

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