PLAXIS 3D 2018.01

20 December 2018

Improved features and fixed issues PLAXIS 3D 2018.01

New features

  • Hydraulic gradient results in Output

Fixed issues

  • performance improvement in the mesher
  • issue regarding importing centerline for cylinders
  • issue regarding loading of existing projects with curve points
  • issue regarding generation of load-node-curves
  • improvements in calculation

New and improved features PLAXIS 3D 2018.00

  • new command importcrossection and importtrajectory to import polycurves directly into tunnels
  • support for changing the selection in Input through the scripting layer
  • improved performance when making charts in Output
  • improved performance for huge models
  • added cyclic triaxial test in SoilTest
  • support for user-defined soil models in Parameter optimization
  • added a 'Loads' object to structures and soil ResultType objects in Output making previous, target and current load values queryable
  • loads are available for structure and soil nodes in the curve manager in Output
  • improved feedback in tunnel designer for invalid geometry
  • improved definition of polycurves, through additional parameters
  • added FFT amplitude curve generation
  • added Arias intensity curve generation and Arias duration calculation
  • added extreme values display on graphs and as a separate table
  • improved tabulate and filter commands, specifically for staged features, returning information on staged features in one or more phases
  • support for modeling tunnel and planar contraction of plates and geogrids
  • support for dynamics calculation together with updated mesh
  • support for moving loads
  • added a 'RigidBody' object to ResultType objects in Output making results for rigid bodies available in scripting
  • it is now possible to select a whole rigid body as a curve point and create curves from the rigid body results
  • support import of IFC files
  • added a splitting tool to tunnel designer, for splitting tunnel cross-sections into several parts, and creating a separate tunnel for each part
  • enhanced safety phases
  • many robustness improvements in the automatic centerline detection for the structural forces in volume piles tool
  • added a new command 'importpointcloud' to import points from a file and generate an editable NURBS surface
  • improved rock bolts definition in tunnel designer, including functionality to define umbrella arches
  • extra control over the EMR parameters during meshing
  • support scaling and additional plots for input accelerograms
  • added findstagedfeature command to get parents of a staged feature
  • possibility to show torsion results in beams and embedded beams in Output
  • view liquefaction (history) points in Output
  • added commands for all cross section tools
  • improved performance of PSA and relative displacement charts
  • access to server version and name using Python scripting
  • added get_equivalent command in scripting to find equivalent  object in certain project mode or different environment (e.g., Input and Output)
  • improved Output performance in loading projects and manipulating the model explorer
  • added two new commands 'zoom' and 'view' to control how themesh is viewed in Output
  • added UDCAM-S and concrete material models
  • support water level import
  • add the option to run Jupyter notebooks

In addition a large number of issues have been addressed.

For the latest information on known issues, and compatibility notes, please visit the Knowledge Base on the Plaxis website: https:/

CodeMeter firmware and drivers

The minimal required Codemeter firmware and driver version are, respectively, versions 1.18 and 6.60. The driver version provided with PLAXIS 3D 2018 is 6.60. Plaxis recommends to always use the latest versions.

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